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Collected Item: “CARED - All for one and one for all!”


Anatolia Elementary School

School Grade



6th form



Educator / Psychologist in charge (Name, Specialty)

Sapfo Ichtiaroglou - School Psychologist

Poster Title

CARED - All for one and one for all!


6th graders had a chance to discuss about all that makes school a safe place; a place where they feel accepted, connected and strong as a team of classmates. They were able to identify their strengths as a team but also areas that they feel they could work on and improve on. This discussion, which took place over a few weeks, was followed by the students making the poster, which gave them a chance to cooperate and work as a team. Through the CARED project the students were given the opportunity not only to realize how strong they are as a team, but also to share them with each other and with you!
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