Ellinogermaniki Agogi
School Grade
1st grade Senior High school
Educator / Psychologist in charge (Name, Specialty)
Poster Title
The poster depicts the letters of the name of our project. At first glance, one sees the title of our piece of art, which is called CARED. Each letter is made up of puzzle pieces and each puzzle piece, in each letter, represents our ideas conveyed by this particular. C stands for Cared, A for accepted, R for respected E for empowered D for discovering strengths. So every word in the name of our project CARED has been utilized.
So, when one puts all puzzle pieces together, one is led to the ideas and the values encouraged in our school proving that our environment encourages open mindedness, freedom of speech, critical thinking, empathy, self awereness, unity, responsibility, motivation and leadership skills among other qualities. The little figures of people which are attached to our poster and are connected to each other represent the ideas of unity and cooperation. These play doh figurines are placed above each letter, showing that they embrace these notions